Power Questions

Power Questions:
(1) What are the basics in my work of life that I need to get back to in order to be successful?
(2) What priorities or values in my life have I been neglecting?
(3) What will nailing the basics free me up to do that is extraordinary?
Power Questions:
(1) What’s the word that first pops into my mind as my obvious word for this year?
(2) What do the people closest to me want their coming year to be about?
(3) What can I do to start focusing on my word right now?
Power Questions:
(1) Where could I establish a place for my savings and education funds?
(2) What percentage of my income do I need / want to set aside for my development?(3) In what ways could I develop myself this year that will pay off big time in the future?

Then, once you determine the most important action, do it and notice how
quickly things change for the better!

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