Please be patient. Non-Smoker in progress

Becoming a non-smoker is the most challenging and terrifying thing I have ever gone through. No big surprise though, especially to those of you who, like me, have tried every possible way there is to quit smoking. I tried the patches, the Nicotrol Inhaler, the lozenges, the gum, the herbs, the filters, and of course cold turkey. Did they work? Not a one of them worked for me. Some of them I tried several times, (definitely insane-if it didn’t work the first time why keep trying it over and over again, expecting different results??) duh!!

Today is the 11th day that I have been blessed to be Nicotine free. I haven’t been free from Nicotine for 26 years! My body has never been without it in my bloodstream, in my brain, and in my lungs. Now that is kind of a scary thought. And I am excited about 11 days?? Wow! Kind of puts thinks in perspective, huh? This really is just One Day, or Hour, at a time. There have been days that it was minutes at a time. How am I doing it this time?? How have I made it 11 days?? Chantix. No, I am not advertising for the drug, I am just telling you about what has happened, and is happening with me. Believe me, I was skeptical and I very much doubted my own ability to ever quit. Just ask my children. They avoided me at all costs when I’ve tried to quit before. As I said, quitting is something I’ve failed so many times before that when I tell people I am quitting they are like, “Yeah, right, okay, whatever you say.” I’ve made that statement so many times that it has really affected the value of my word, not that it had very much value before all this.

Anyway, people that I know used Chantix and said they were going to quit and did! It was amazing. I thought at first I better not take that stuff unless I really WANT to quit!! So don’t give up on me just yet. I will be posting more later. Quitting for 57 or 54 days is the most I’ve been able to string together in the past, but I still had Nicotine in me. So, I have never made it to 60 days before. I quess we shall see how this goes. I pray a lot and avoid other smokers. Lifesaver peppermints or spearmints are great! I drink a ton of water instead of the two, 2-liters of Diet Pepsi I drank when I smoked. The only caffeine I get is a Cappuccino in the morning and a 20 oz Diet Coke or Pepsi at noon. So far it is working. I take the Chantix as directed by my Doctor. I’ll tell you more later. I don’t want to forget anything I am going through. Here is a web site that has helped me a bunch

More later…

3 Responses to “Please be patient. Non-Smoker in progress”

  1. maggie Says:

    Congrats on quitting smoking! Chantix really, really helped me, too. I quit on June 18, 2007, and I’ve found it really helpful to blog about it, too. Good luck!

  2. Eileen Says:

    Thanks maggie. Congrats to you too! It’s nice to know that it works for other people that have been quit longer than me. The blogging is extremely helpful. What have you done to stay quit?? Anything that works really well? Have you gained much weight? The people I know that have quit on Chantix only gained initially and that’s all, not much really. Take care of you and keep on keeping on!!


  3. maggie Says:

    I’ve gained a little weight, but I’m OK with that. It’s hard to say what all I’ve done, but walking has been a big thing as well as blogging. I’m still blogging daily about my journey because it helps me to keep focused. Everyone is different. For some folks, thinking about it so much at this point doesn’t seem productive, but considering I once quit over a year and started again, I think it’s important for me to keep the spotlight on it until it feels right not to do so any more, if that makes sense. Come read along if you’d like – even if my blog doesn’t float your boat, I’ve linked to tons of other Chantix bloggers that help me daily, too.

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