Sabotaging my own success.

Today is smoke free day 19.

I am so happy I found some Chantix that I had bought when I tried to quit before. That gives me another week or two if I continue with the one a day. Not sure how well the one a day is working. In the evening I am very cranky and edgy and this morning when I got up I actually had the thought that I could buy some cigs and that was okay! I’m worried. I may have to go back to two a day like I’m supposed to be. Maybe one more week and I will be better. Not sure though, I may call the Hotline and find out.

I called them before when I had 1 day smoke free and asked them about the weekend and how to handle the craves at home when I am bored etc. The gal I talked to was really good and gave me things to do over the weekend like go to the Library and find a book about sabotaging my own success. Hmmm. Could that be what I am doing now by cutting back on the Chantix? All I have to do is make it until January 1st then I can buy it using my cafeteria plan money! Hmmm, something to think about.


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