Adorama 100 in 100

This is a great way to get cool photography tips One Day at a Time! Check into Adorama’s 100 in 100 site everyday and get a new tip to work on for the day! Just had to share with my photo bug buddies.

Still not smoking. Smoke Free 37 days now! WOO HOO! Made it through Christmas. What a relief that is. Still not taking Chantix and doing just great. Hope this continues as I trudge along One Day at a Time!

One Response to “Adorama 100 in 100”

  1. Helen Oster Says:

    Dear Eileen,

    Thank you so much for letting readers of your blog know what a pleasure it is for you to check out Adorama’s 100 in 100 site.Customer satisfaction is what we naturally aim for (and achieve almost all the time), but it’s truly wonderful to have someone notice!

    We look forward to helping you in the future with all your photographic equipment needs, and hope you have added to your list of favorites! Until then, we are grateful for your favorable blog!

    Helen Oster
    Customer Service Department

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