AP Poll has Kansas 7th and Missouri 4th

FoxSports – AP Poll

The polls are out and the standings are final. Missouri is ranked higher than Kansas on both the AP Poll and the BCS Poll. What’s up with that? It has the records on there Missouri 12-2 and Kansas 12-1. Maybe it’s just me but, Kansas should be ranked if not above Missouri than at least only one below. The only team Kansas lost was to Missouri, and that was a fluke. A rematch will show the true more dominant team. It’s too bad we have to wait until next year.

Until then, we will continue to remember, and never forget the 2007 Kansas University Jayhawks Football Team that are the true Champions of College Football.

One Response to “AP Poll has Kansas 7th and Missouri 4th”

  1. Adam Chrisjohn Says:

    Missouri traditionally has a stronger program than Kansas. They also had a ‘higher’ rated schedule than Kansas, which is why the AP gave them the upper hand.

    A Jayhawk myself, I hate to play devil’s advocate.

    However, next year, maybe Reesing won’t wear his stupid gloves, and maybe the kicker will do better under pressure.

    Either way, Arrowhead belongs to Kansas next year 🙂

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