I did not smoke, but I did go to McDonalds.

Tonight I am at home licking my wounds from the day. After leaving work in tears, I called a friend and he talked be through it. I did not smoke but I did go to McDonald’s. It was one of those moments when I could have chosen to smoke because I was so angry. It was one of those moments when “hot tears” filled my eyes. Thinking to myself as I got into my car, I might have to smoke over this. Fortunately, my friend wasn’t busy and had the time to listen to my rantings and ravings of the injustices I had went through at my job today. It’s really kind of sad because I had a pretty good day up until the end when an unnecessary confrontation occurred. McDonald’s hit the spot and maybe it was wrong to turn to food but, it’s not like I eat out everyday. It’s a rare occasion for me and I had to eat dinner anyway.

I am being vague about what happened because I can’t figure out how it all came about and blew up the way it did. Trying to see my part is always difficult for me and I don’t want to justify or feed my anger. So for now, I am calm, peaceful, and will pray about it before I go to sleep. Could it be that I am paranoid that if I write about it on my Blog, someone will see it and know it is them I am talking about? I don’t know how that could really happen unless I let them know about it. Oh well, I am not going to worry about it tonight. I will worry about it tomorrow.


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