Is Bill Clinton Going Too Far?

Vanity Fair say’s Bill Clinton is running for a third term.

That’s right folks. We might as well start calling it what it is because the TRUTH is that Tricky Willie is back in full force. What’s different this time is Hillary is along for the ride. Has anyone else noticed that she is talking softer on interview shows since her “teary” episode at NH(click link to see video)? I have also read in two different articles today the Clinton duo is being compared to STALIN! It’s not that much of a stretch if you think about it…Universal Health Care, etc. Anyway, here is what Bruce Feirstein, writer for Vanity Fair has to say about our ‘happy’ couple:

“Watching the Democrats debate in South Carolina, I was struck by the heated “I’m here. He’s not” exchange between Senators Obama and Clinton because it so perfectly encapsulates the problem with the two Clintons: Bill is out there with a shiv-presumably with the full countenance of his wife-while Hillary deftly manages to avoid being held accountable for him, or taking any responsibility herself. And therein lies my real issue, should this hydra-headed candidacy succeed: Bill Clinton will always be there. He’ll always be larger than life. And, if the last few weeks have demonstrated anything, we’ll never know who’s really calling the shots.
From where I sit in California, where Senator Clinton is currently ahead in the polls, Bill Clinton’s behavior over the past fortnight has struck me as sordid and undignified. And his de facto back-door attempt to retake the presidency is nothing short of unseemly.
We are not Argentina. We are not a banana republic. No CEO, no prime minister, no one in any public position, anywhere on this earth, could get away with a straight-faced claim that “I honestly believe my wife is the best candidate for the job.” Were it not so sad that we’ve arrived at this juncture in American politics, it would be laughable.”
What can I say? There is hope for this country yet. Vanity Fair is usually a supporter of the Democrats. Hmmmmmm!

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One Response to “Is Bill Clinton Going Too Far?”

  1. wordforit Says:

    I am all about Ron Paul and haven’t even considered any of the others (PRAY to God that I don’t have to!). He’s the only one who truly cares about this country. That’s why they denigrate him—they’re afraid of him interfering in their schemes. Of all of them, Obama is the one I trust the absolute least. He has too many secrets and what’s up with his church honoring Louis Farrakhan? If I were a KKK member, or even participated in their forums, wouldn’t you wonder about my loyalties to a UNITED States? Something very deeply deceptive there…at least with the others we know what we’d be getting! This takes A LOT for me to say but, I’d rather have Hilary than Obama. When Oprah endorsed him, I began looking b/c I know she’s into all the New Age teachings. Everything in my spirit says, “No!”
    When did we start voting race and gender, anyway? Oh, yeah…;-)

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