8″ of Snow

Today is an awesome day! Classes were canceled so staff didn’t have to go in today. Of course I didn’t know this until I trudged out in 8″ of snow, cleaned 8″ of snow off my car, hurt my back trying to get the door open, not just the driver’s side door but, ANY OF THE FOUR DOORS! Then I plowed my little Chevy Malibu through 8″ of snow on my parking lot and proceeded to slide my way out into traffic – which seemed very light now that I think about it – and spun and swerved my way to a great parking spot – I just thought I was super early – right by the front door.

Then I plowed my way through the 8″ of snow on the sidewalk and steps, walked in the doors, saw the janitor and said, “Lovely morning isn’t it?” Of course I was being my sweet, sarcastic self. He just smiled and said, “You’re likely to be the only one here today. They canceled classes.” I said, “You are sh*@%ing me?” So I made my way back through 8″ of snow and I was trying to contain my excitement of being off today and I hoped I would make it home without some idiot running into me. Well, it was a relief I did make it but I guess when I was trying to open any of the car doors, I hurt my back.

I did manage to hobble outside and take this picture of an orange I had put out for the birds on Monday when it was 66 degrees. Click here to view Juxtaposition

Now I am sitting as straight as I can with some frozen green beans pressed on my lower back. It’s helping but, I can barely walk. Not sure about making it to work tomorrow! Oh well, I mostly sit at my desk anyway. I can do it, just so there isn’t 8″ more of snow tonight.


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