Huckabee Wins Kansas

Huckabee Wins Kansas!

Huckabee Wins Kansas

Watching all the media talk about why Mike Huckabee won Kansas is like watching aliens from another planet. They are justifying the win by saying that Kansas has a strong evangelical Christian base, the same thing they said about the states he won in the south. Is Kansas now considered a southern state?

The media is saying Mike’s motives for staying in the race is personal against Mitt Romney, that Huckabee wants to get more delegates than Romney had. Give me a break! I don’t really think Mike Huckabee cares that much about Romney or has a grudge against him.

Also, is he just staying in so he can be chose as Vice-President? Hello people! Wake up and smell the insanity. Mike Huckabee is running for President. He is a viable candidate because of how he stands on the issues that conservative republicans are concerned about. He won the Kansas Caucus because Kansans are worried about more than just the war in Iraq. Kansas want a president that has the sanctity of the family, life, and freedom as priorities for this great country.

Let it go Clinton News Network. Huckabee won in Kansas because he is the best choice for conservative republicans. Not McCain.


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