Clinton & Giuliani; Similar Endings

Clinton & Giuliani; Similar Endings

Today, ABC News Jennifer Parker wrote a story called, Clinton’s Path to Nomination Clouded. The following excerpt is from that story:

Her campaign is arguing she never expected to win in these states. It is counting on big wins in delegate-rich Ohio and Texas voting on March 4, and Pennsylvania voting April 22, to move her delegate count forward and stop Obama’s momentum.

Hmmmmm! It kind of sounds like Giuliani’s plan with Florida and we all know how well that worked out! Hillary is desperate and is going for the larger delegate states, exactly like Rudy did. How can she expect different results? Desperate times call for desperate measures. In the last week she has loaned her campaign $5 million dollars, lost two of her top campaign leaders, and lost eight states to Obama. I wonder if she will try and cry her way out of this one. Next weeks primaries in Hawaii and Wisconsin don’t look to be in her favor either. What’s a girl to do?

If she is as smart as everyone say’s she is then she will give it up with some dignity. No, she hasn’t even congratulated Barack on his eight straight primary victories. Kind of rude wouldn’t you say? I would think losing money, losing primary elections, losing leaders in your campaign, kind of make you a LOSER. Don’t worry Hillary, there always next time!

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