Scrapbooking Galore!

Smoke Free 49 days!

I am on vacation this week and want to scrap but, I hate dragging everything out! I had a room to scrapbook in until last May and my 22 year old son returned home! Sure do miss my room, even though I love having him here and he is helping out. Now all of my stuff is in my bedroom and the living room. I would have to scrap on the kitchen table or coffee table. I hate the mess but its not like I have company all the time. If I get it out and its spread all over the place, someone will show up for sure!

Anyway, it’s been so long since I did anything with my stuff – except rearrange and move it – that when I go through the items it is like Christmas and I have all new stuff because I have forgotten what I have. I’m still buying but haven’t been scrapping. I’m gonna just do it! Who cares about the mess? Not me. I am itching to start cutting, gluing, punching, pounding, pressing, sticking, layering, etc. Wow, I didn’t know there was that much activity going on while scrapping! It’s a workout, at least I’ll count it as one this week! 🙂

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