#3 Fiction Friday

This Week’s Theme: Insert this song lyric into your fiction: ‘We’re just two lost souls swimming in a fish bowl, year after a year.’

Sandy has had it. That’s the second time this month that her plan to try and get better relations between the city and the patrons that pay for city services, was printed in the New York Times. “What am I going to do to get out of this political fish bowl I live in?”, she was asking no one in particular but, Granger, her black lab, replied with a grunt. She turned and started rubbing behind his ear. “How do they get those documents without me even knowing about it? I know Granger, you understand. If only I could get Bob to understand.” Sandy gave a heavy sigh and went on checking her emails.Being the City Clerk was supposed to be a nice easy job. Five years ago she took the position and has had great reviews until recently.”Hmmm, an email from the City Comptroller, Bob.” As Sandy read the email, tears began swelling in her eyes. “Oh my gosh! Bob’s been fired. That’s it! I’m not going to take this any more”, she raved.

She grabbed her cell phone and started dialing the City Manager’s office. Then she hesitated to push the ‘call’ button. “What if he is in on this?” she thought. “What if he is the one that hired the person to steal the documents?”

Sandy put down the phone and proceeded to type away as fast as she could on her keyboard. Granger was laying on the couch and started snoring. Sandy couldn’t help but smile at the peaceful, rhythmic sound. When she was finished typing, she read what she wrote out loud:


For Immediate Release!

New York City Hall, NYC, NY–Today, Bob Ferenstein, resigned from his position as the City Comptroller. Recent allegations that suggested he was skimming off the top was more than Ferenstein could bare.

City Clerk, Sandy Stillwater said, “It is really quite a loss for all of us. Bob is a man of integrity and the entire city will suffer from these allegations that simply are not true, and his resignation.” Stillwater added, “All any of us are trying to do is run this city the way the voters want us to. This is your city so take it back. Don’t believe all of this propaganda you read in the New York Times. Your city government is on your side. We have integrity, we are trustworthy, and I will take this to the Mayor and find out who is behind all of this and have them prosecuted!”

Sandy was pleased with what she wrote and clicked the ‘send’ button. That was that, she thought. She moved away from the computer and went to lay down next to Granger. She started humming a familiar tune. Finally the words came to her, ‘We’re just two lost souls swimming in a fish bowl, year after a year.’

The End

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6 Responses to “#3 Fiction Friday”

  1. Square1 Says:

    Nice short this week. I love her lead.

  2. keith hillman Says:

    Great read – I enjoyed it very much

  3. scrappingal Says:

    Thank you Keith.

  4. Jodi Cleghorn Says:

    I loved the gungho – play by their rules style of taking it straight to the media.

    This is my first time to your blog – hope to see more Friday Fiction.

  5. AnthonyNorth Says:

    Nicely done. A good read.

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