#4 Fiction Friday

This Week’s Theme: Tell a story that unfolds through text messages. You can change text messages to any form of message that is short and often cryptic

Sara’s thumbs were flying on her Razr. Texting Sam was a big part of her day, and her night. She was obsessed with answering his texts right away. You see, Sam was her best friend from high school. They grew up together in a small town in southern Alabama.ROFL
Pls stop joking! LOL
You are not my VBF anymore!

Sara was laughing so hard her stomach ached. That was what she loved about Sam. His sense of humor was the best. Sometime he was sarcastic but Sara knew it was all in fun.

I am serious!
A girl in my ENG Class is named
Sara and we have been dating since
the begining of the semester.

Sara blinked back the tears she had in her eyes from laughing, and read the text Sam sent again. This can’t be true, she thought.

OMG ur serious!

Sara waited for Sam’s reply.

SS Sara.
Didn’t want to tell
you and hurt you.

Sara’s thumbs were flying now!

ok you BFUS.
You are SNMVBF!
No More TTFN

Sara slid her phone into a pocket in her purse and never texted or emailed anyone again.


ROFL-Rolling On Floor Laughing
LOL-Laugh Out Loud
OMG-Oh My Gosh
SS-So Sorry
VBF-Very Best Friend
BFUS-Big Fat Ugly Sam
SNMVBF-So Not My Very Best Friend
TTFN-Ta Ta For Now
TTFG-Ta Ta For Good

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