American Idol Guys Did Well!

American Idol Guys Did Well!

I don’t know about you but I was sure impressed with the guys last night. David Cook just blew me away with his version of Lionel Richey’s ‘Hello’. He has some real talent. Also, David Archuletta did pretty good again. I was glad to see he isn’t ‘perfect’, and I think Simon was right, (for once), he needs to change it up a bit and let’s see what else he can do besides ballads. The male stripper, David Hernandez has great vocals and can really belt out a song. If he could find the right song he would move way ahead of everyone.

Tonight we see the ladies. Let’s hope they do as well. I haven’t settled on just one girl yet that could run away with this. Carly Smithson has the best vocals and I think again, with the right song she would blow everyone away. Brooke White just annoys me. I’m not sure why but her goody-two-shoes attitude is getting old. I wish they’d find some scandalous information on her and knock her down a few inches. Syesha Mercado has a good voice and great stage presence. She is definately one to watch.

This week I am putting up David Cook’s song “Hello” from YouTube. Who know’s mayber tomorrow there will be one of the girls performances worthy of being on my site. Stay tuned…

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