American Idol Update-Final Twelve

Okay, this is the final twelve and they are really supposed to be something. In my opinion, David Cook is the only one I saw worth watching. Brook White butchered “Yesterday” and of course everyone loved it. She didn’t start crying until after and my thoughts were, “she knows she blew it.” Then everyone thought it was great! Maybe it was just me but, I thought it was horrible and would be embarrassed if I were her. Not sure what happened to David Archuletta. Forgot the words? I think the young age is showing through on him. A little more maturity and he will be great. All of this is just too much for him at such a young age. Amanda Overmyer and Carly Smithson did pretty good. Chickezie really rocked it. I was so impressed. Hernandez and Ramiele was very boring. My prediction for who’s going home tonight is:

1. Ramiele Malubay or Syesah Mercado

2. Michael Johns or David Hernandez

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