Easter and Losing our Parents

Smoke Free 83 Days!

Survived Easter, even though it didn’t seem like Easter. I didn’t go to Mass. I didn’t go to my sister’s for dinner. I didn’t cook a big meal. I didn’t make Easter Baskets for my adult children. I didn’t do squat! My back was out and I did some laundry, watched NCAA tournament games all day and worked my Sudoku puzzles. This had to be the worse Easter ever. I won’t let that happen again. It just seemed to sneak up on me and I wasn’t ready. Time is going so fast and I am wasting so much of it. I’m not sure why. Am I lazy, depressed, (probably), oblivious to what is going on around me? So it seems.

I am excited that KU is in the Sweet 16. That is good news for sure. I am not sure how far they will go this year. Just watching it one game at a time.

On Friday I got word that a dear friend of mines Father passed away. He was 91 years old. Maybe that is what is bothering me and I am feeling guilty for not going to see my Dad yesterday at my sister’s. I am going to the Rosary and visitation tonight after work. This could be my Dad any day now. I don’t want to face that or even think about it. Obviously I am thinking about it and it scares me. Even at my age, the thought of losing a parent is so horrible that I can’t even imagine it. That is crazy I know, being 50 years old, almost 51 – Saturday is my birthday – that could be another reason I am down in the dumps. I can’t come up with any gratitude today. Maybe I will later.


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