American Idol-Top Ten Tonight

It is so over for Overmyer! Who cares? She didn’t have a voice at all. Screaming was her talent, or should I call it ‘growling’. Whatever it was, it wasn’t singing. Kristy Lee Cook should have been the one to go home in all actuality. How she skated by I have no idea. Maybe she has a huge family that keeps voting for her.

On to tonight. The top ten will perform songs from the year of their birth! This could be fun. Let’s see, David Archuletta could do one from last year since he is the ‘baby’ of the family. No, no, just kidding. I think he is over twelve. Anyway, as for tonight, I think Kristy is definitely going to have to step up her game, I don’t care how many family members she has, there is no way she can stay and keep singing flat notes. As for the guys, Chekezi needs to hang tough and show them what he has got. Same with Jason Castro! Come on! He is a cutie pie but can he really sing? I haven’t noticed that side of him but then again, who cares? He is fun to watch!

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