American Idol-Who Will Be Eliminated?

American Idol-Who Will Be Eliminated?

Last night was pretty good overall. I saw some big improvements in some of the girls. Syesha Mercado – She did so much better this week. I think she should get the most improved. Michael Johns– He surprised me with his Queen songs. He did pretty well. Kristy Lee Cook – She sang “God Bless the USA”. Ugggh! It was better than her usual but still off key. My favorite David Cook-sang “Billie Jean” I couldn’t believe it. He has the most talent composing music and making it his own. His voice is outstanding once again. Even Simon said, “…it was amazing”. David Archuletta -I wish he would pick better songs. He has a great voice and its a shame that he can show it off with better song choices. Rumor has it the “Mom” chooses his songs. Stay out of it Mom! Let him go on his own.! Watch the video of David Archuletta singing, “Your the Voice” in the Top Ten last night is below!

So, who is safe this week, who will be eliminated, and who do you think will win this whole deal? Leave your comments below and let me know what you think!

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