Resources to Help You Stay Quit

Smoke Free 107 days!

Resources to Help You Quit Smoking or Stay Quit!

This is a collection of some of my favorite sites that have helped me the most with my quit. Some have forums for support, some have education, and then some are just great motivators. I visited these sites many times before I finally managed to quit. Reading some of the stories of others who had quit gave me hope. At I read some of the stories of those that quit too late or not at all. Nicotine addiction is a serious disease and we need to take it serious and realize that people do die from this, and some are very young. Good luck on your journey to a better life.

  • QuitNet
    Don’t Quit Alone! All of us need social support to keep our Quit going. QuitNet has the best forums on anything you can imagaine, even quit zits, (you know what I’m talking about.) The best and easiest to use support site I have seen.
  • WhyQuit
    Straight talking facts! This site will definately motivate you to quit. No BS here. Some of the stories will scare you to death, but they are true and factual. If you need a little incentive to stay quit or if you need a good swift kick in the pants to jumpstart your quit, this is the site to see. If you need to be educated on what exactly nicotine addiction is, this is the place to go and it’s all free.
  • Freedom From Smoking Online (FFS)
    This is from the American Lung Association. This cessation program is taught at Hospitals all across American. I went through the program locally and I must say it helped me a lot. It was one of the few times I stayed quit for over 30 days. I was thrilled when they started offering it online also. If you do the work it, you will quit. It has a good success rate.
  • Tales from the Quit
    This guy-Kevin-quit using the above program FFS. This site he has kept going for seven years now. He has a great forum that is still active. Check it out!
    A good first place to start. Extensive information about why and how to quit smoking, including 39-page booklet and links to other sites and quitlines
    Nationwide network of free local quit lines at 800-QUITNOW, questions answered by e-mail, message boards, brochures, other information on quitting smoking. This is from the American Cancer Society.
    This is from the National Cancer Institute.Detailed information about tobacco and how to quit, surgeon general’s reports, live messaging service at
    List of local meetings in the United States and worldwide, publications in nine languages
  • SilkQuit
    This site has some good information about quitting and also a good quit-smoking-meter for your computer.
    This is a link to the Pfizer site that also has a “GetQuit” smoking cessation program for support while you are taking Chantix and up to a year after quitting.
  • BecomeAnEx– this is a brand new site, (commercials are airing on tv). I haven’t checked it all out, but it doesn’t appear as though they are selling anything. Let me know what you think!

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