Rising Gas Prices: I Sold My Car!! » pink-vespa

My dream machine is a pink-vespa.

15 Responses to “pink-vespa”

  1. sephemon Says:

    wow i want one!!! ^.^v

  2. Anonymous Says:

    so nice

  3. ak Says:

    how much is this vespa? can you get it in texas? Is it legal in the USA?

  4. em Says:

    that is the sickest thing i’ve ever seen i can picture my self on it!

  5. en Says:

    omg its just perfect for ME!!! my daddy better get that for me for my birthday!!!!!

  6. Sylvania M.s Says:

    Can i get one??

    so nice n girly guys,,,

  7. Daniela Says:

    OK…the second I laid eyes on this vespa I knew she had to come home…that is definitely my next purchase 🙂

  8. Anonymous Says:


  9. Alex Says:

    fit as hell!

  10. lia Says:

    ik wol um keapje.

  11. Marta Says:

    Vespa is so beautiful that it can be even pink 🙂

  12. Torres Says:

    I have an ET4 (150) like this one, some times i spend minutes looking at, color Pearl, it has 11,869 miles ran. Its can pass 100,000 miles,is the best scooter. Is better to buy an used one, or be prepared to pay more than $4,450.00 for a new one. Has travel the Puerto Rico Island 3 times. But be careful, must read the manual for riding tips, or better take clases, is very dangerous, if lack the due experince, and or knowladge

  13. Anonymous Says:


  14. irwan Says:


  15. melissah Says:

    they are so cool =]
    im saving up for one at the moment

    they remind me of france
    they are a dreamy classic..

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