Photoshop: Tutorial Video by Gavin Hoey

As seen in PopPhoto Flash Tip of the day…

4 Responses to “Photoshop: Tutorial Video by Gavin Hoey”

  1. RAJKUMAR Says:

    I like your way of teaching please do some more exciting tutorial. It will help some needy one.

  2. Mo Says:

    I appreciate your generosity in sharing you expertise. You make learning fun and never boring 🙂 I would buy your tutorials if the need arises and, of course, recommend your work to others.
    Florida, USA

  3. Valerie Says:

    Love the way you teach and always look forward to your videos. Thank you again for sharing your wealth of knowledge.


  4. John Hopkins Says:


    Your tutorials are so easy to follow because they are presented so clearly. They are very helpful and creative but at the same time are very numerous. Ever thought about putting them together on a disc – I know I would buy it and I’m sure others will too

    Many thanks
    John (Warrington UK)

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