Let Go and Let God-Recovery Card w/envelope

Let Go Originally uploaded by EMCphotos

Inside Verse: “…Remember, God doesn’t make junk!” This is one of ten ‘Recovery’ Series Cards I am doing with my photos. Some of the cards will have a verse inside and some will be blank note cards. Visit my Etsy Shop to purchase this or other items!

Each note card features a 4×6 original fine art photograph mounted on a 5×6.5 note card made from sturdy white cardstock. The 4×6 photos are professionally printed and white envelopes are included.

2 Responses to “Let Go and Let God-Recovery Card w/envelope”

  1. The skepTick Says:

    How about….

    Inside Verse: “…Remember, God doesn’t make junk! (Ok, ok, he did make the Platypus…but that’s not junk! That’s modern art.)”

    Seriously though, nice website. Laudable effort. Very creative.

  2. emctara57 Says:

    Thank you skeptick! This website has been fun and also therapeutic. While trying to quit smoking I was writing almost every day. It has been good for me to reach out to others that used or are using the same method as I did.

    I Love your revision to the inside verse! Very creative yourself!

    Thanks for your kind comment.

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