Thursday Thirteen-The letter ‘B’



  1. Bongo-Drums-this makes me think of my son who loves to play the drums.
  2. Bozo-the clown. Many of you may not remember Bozo, but he was real. Bozo had his own TV show and I used to watch it before school each morning.
  3. Buzz-What’s all the buzz about? What is the latest buzz? Have you heard all the buzz about the economy? Not just the sound a Bee makes.
  4. Bee-Bumble. I think Bumble Bee’s are very scary little creatures but they make some great honey.
  5. Belly Dance-I want to learn how to Belly Dance. I think it would be great exercise and a fun way to lose my belly fat.
  6. Blessings-Count them. I have so many blessings today, especially being free from cigarettes.
  7. Bored-or boring. Not a good place to be. Find and activity you enjoy and Just Do It!
  8. Benign-as in the tumor is benign. Always good news.
  9. Bleak-gloomy, sad, gray. The day is bleak with the fog and misty rain.
  10. Block-writers block, block the intersection, block that tackle.
  11. Brute-aftershave, brute force, he was such a brute.
  12. Belong-a feeling when with family or friends, a sense of belonging. you belong on stage.
  13. Bling-eye candy, glittery, jewelry, shiny, fancy.

3 Responses to “Thursday Thirteen-The letter ‘B’”

  1. aliceaudrey Says:

    I love to play drums too. Not so much bongos but congas and ashikos… um…. yeah. 🙂

  2. ~ Stacy ~ Says:

    10. Writer’s Block – Argh! That one hits home.

    I barely remember episodes of Bozo the Clown. I didn’t get to watch much TV as a kid.

    My T13 is a list of the Top 13 players in my online trivia game. Check it out, you might want to play too. 🙂

    Hope you have a terrific Thursday!

  3. Molly Says:

    Some women I work with took Belly Dancing – said it was the flatest their abs had ever been! And they got to play with fancy scarves – so that could go along with your bling too!

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