Thursday Thirteen-13 Words that start with the Letter ‘C’


  1. Catalog-Sears, JC Penny’s, these are a thing of the past. Not sure about Penny’s but Sears is gone and I think Montgomery Wards. Times they are a changin’.
  2. Category-a way to sub-divide lists, etc. said:  any general or comprehensive division; a class.
  3. Compromise-something that must be done in a marriage or any relationship. Meeting someone half way or in the middle. Mutual concessions.
  4. Clone-an exact duplicate of something.
  5. Clumsy-as I get older I am becoming clumsier. Awkward in movement or action; without skill or grace.
  6. Claustrophobic-a fear of small, tight, enclosed spaces, i.e. elevators, tunnels, closed-in, crowded rooms, airless areas.
  7. Carnivore-flesh eating mammal.
  8. Carnival-a traveling amusement show, having sideshows, rides, etc.
  9. Circus-  I was curious about the difference between Carnival and Circus-a large public entertainment, typically presented in one or more very large tents or in an outdoor or indoor arena, featuring exhibitions of pageantry, feats of skill and daring, performing animals, etc., interspersed throughout with the slapstick antics of clowns. Compare big top.
  10. Criteria-a standard of judgment or criticism; a rule or principle for evaluating or testing something.
  11. Cristate-having a crest or crested
  12. Crinkle-ridges, wrinkles, happens when you get older, especially to women!
  13. Cycling-to ride like a motorcycle or bicycle.

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4 Responses to “Thursday Thirteen-13 Words that start with the Letter ‘C’”

  1. pbdiva Says:

    Hey, I never thought about the difference between carnival and circus either. Cristate is a new word to me too. Glad to meet another word junkie. I’ll have to check back each week. Can’t wait till you get to ‘I’! 🙂

  2. bundleocontradictions Says:

    I learned a new word! (I love words…) #11.
    Thanks for comin’ by! 🙂

  3. EMC Says:

    Me too! I am a word addict. I’m glad you learned a new one. That’s awesome! Have a great weekend. 🙂

  4. EMC Says:

    Thanks! Why “I”? Is it harder or more fun. I don’t think it will be harder, now “X” will be for sure. I may have to cheat on that one and look them up instead of what comes off the top of my head. We’ll see! Have a great weekend! 🙂

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