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  • Age: 50
  • Gender: Female
  • Astrological Sign: Aries
  • Zodiac Year: Rooster

    I am a Baby Boomer and I am definitely good at babbling and having “opinions” on things. I am a non-smoker in progress! This blog is for how I’m doing without cigs how I did it with Chantix. Could it be the magical pill we’ve all been looking for? I can’t believe I really quit. But, God has given me Grace before with my Alcoholism. Thanks to His mercy I have been sober seven years and am very grateful for the 12-step program I am an active member of. I am quitting smoking and have a picture of a “Nikon D40” camera I want to get with my cig. money. Only $600. I can do it! Love to dance, live a healthy lifestyle, eat right, have fun, laugh, improve my physical, mental, spiritual well being.


    • Photography
    • Books
    • Scrapbooking
    • Pets
    • Dogs
    • Cocker Spaniels
    • Animals
    • Mountain Lions
    • Riding Bicycle
    • Trails
    • Katy Trail
    • Bike Clubs
    • nature
    • fishing
    • camping

    Favorite Movies

    • Gone with the Wind
    • Shawshank Redemption
    • Casablanca
    • Pretty Woman
    • Bourne Ultimatum and all the other Bourne movies
    • Oceans 11 12 13
    • Independence Day
    • Pursuit of Happyness

    Favorite Music

    • Country
    • Blues
    • Some Pop
    • Some Rock
    • Susan Tedeschi
    • Sheryl Crow
    • Clapton
    • Carrie Underwood
    • BB King
    • John Mayer
    • Matchbox 20
    • Sugarland
    • Goo Goo Dolls
    • Nickelback
    • Kelley Hunt

    Favorite Books

    • Mystery books
    • Mary Higgins Clark
    • Nevada Barr
    • Kay Hooper
    • John Grisham
    • Self-Help
    • Melody Beattie – Codependent Series

5 Responses to “About Me”

  1. seamonster02 Says:

    Thanks for visiting my site. Yes, my sisters and I are planning a “rustic” cabin vacation in the Wyoming wilderness. Our cabin will have water but no electricity and we will have to chop wood to feed our fire. So many times my sisters have said to me that they’d love to runaway from their lives and go live in the wilderness – so I decided a trip into the wilderness might make them sing a different tune. We all want to escape our lives now and then – and I too love the idea of the wilderness – but sometimes the idea doesn’t live up to the ideal. But I am the one gathering the info so rather then mail each one the trail information, I added it to my blog so they could print it at their leisure.

    Baxter is a wonderful dog and has brought such joy to my life. I hope to get him a friend in the near future. Thanks for visiting!

  2. emctara57 Says:

    Thanks for filling me in on your wilderness adventure. It does sound wonderful to runaway and live in the wilderness. My dream has always been Montana. I want to go fly fishing there and stay in a cabin and hike through the mountains. At one time, I thought I wanted to live there. That’s really funny because I have never been to Montana but, it looks like the most beautiful place on earth.

    It’s great that you and your sisters, (is it two?) are going together. My two sisters would never go with me. I am the youngest and they think I am half crazy anyway. We do have a “Sister’s Weekend Getaway” every year where we all meet somewhere and celebrate all of our birthday’s at one time. Sometimes if it’s a big one like “50” then two of us keep it a secret and surprise the other one. It’s fun, sisters have a special bond. One year we stayed at the “Three Sister’s Inn.” It was a bed & breakfast here in Kansas and it was really one of our better “get aways”

    Thanks for visiting my blog. I have put a link to yours on my Blog roll. I’ll keep in touch.

  3. wordforit Says:

    Did you like the 1st ‘Layla’ version by Eric Clapton or the 2nd? I love the 2nd!!
    We have much in common!!

    How far along are you with the bike?

  4. scrappingal Says:

    Hi Wordforit,

    The 2nd Layla for sure. It seems we do have much in common! As far as my bike goes, I was doing pretty well until today actually!! I bought my ‘dream camera’ on Ebay. I am so excited but it costs $150. It was a good deal and it is the first thing I have bought myself in years. It’s tough for me to think that I deserve it but, I’m getting used to the idea pretty quick. 🙂 Quitting smoking isn’t a little thing so I deserve to have a few nice things.

    I will get the bike fever as soon as the weather starts warming up. They will be going on sale in the Spring so, I’ll be ready. Do you ride?
    Thanks for the great comment on the MSM.
    Take care,

  5. wordforit Says:

    Congrats on the camera!! Everyone deserves a treat now-and-then!! Are we going to see lots of pics?

    I ride, but not as often as I’d like. I broke my ankle in Jan ’06 and it didn’t heal proper…did you know you REALLY can’t try to keep walking on it? LOL Not bad, but can’t stay on it like in the past.

    You think being 47 has a bearing? ;-))

    Eileen, you’re probably like I am about all this w/ the MSM, the elections, and just about anything you want to name. It’s been going on since before our time, but it’s like they are much more BOLD about calling us stupid!! I am constantly teasing one of my sisters about unplugging CNN and using her computer!

    Ever feel like Ms. Rip Van Winkle?

    God Help Us!

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