Reaching an Exercise Plateau

I was reading a post from a fellow blogger called Here we go again. She is taking a walk every day, eating less, and not losing any weight.

Well, I can attest to this happening to me. My daughter is a beautiful, healthy girl that did track, (long distance runner, the 1 mile and 2 mile, placed in the top 6 in the state track meet), and knows about working out. She told me that if I ride my bike everyday those muscles will get used to it and you don’t build up any different muscles. As we all know muscle burns fat, right? So this makes sense to me and I start mixing it up a little and walk three days and ride my bike two. Wow, what a difference that made.

Now that I have joined the gym, I try to go 3 times a week, (M,W,F) and maybe once on the weekend. I will do the treadmill one day, the recumbent bike the next and the ellipticals the next. That takes care of all my cardio for the week. Then I do the weight machines every day that I am there, (3 times a week.) On the weekend I do what I want. If I don’t go to the gym then I ride my bike at least 7 miles, or Sonny and I will walk both days, (S, Su) about 6 miles each day.

The nice thing about mixing it up is you don’t get bored. If I had to walk every day and that was all I did, I would be bored pretty quick. I get bored pretty easily. Since I have quit smoking I have gained 16 lbs. Unfortunately, I have not been able to make it to the gym 3 times a week, mostly once a week for the last four weeks. With the holidays and the bad icy weather we had, it just didn’t happen. Now that my teeth are healing up, I can make it this week. I am going back to work tomorrow so the party is over.

Here are some more tips from Googobits:

You have to change things around

If you’ve hit an exercise plateau, you need to change your routine. You can do this in one of three ways:

  • Do it more
  • Do it with more intensity
  • Do something different

Exercise more

If you have the time, this is an easy way to revitalize your exercise routine. If you walk half an hour a day, walk for forty five minutes instead. If you swim twice a week, go three times instead.

Exercise with more intensity

If you take a daily stroll, walk more vigorously. If you already walk vigorously, consider jogging. If you do aerobic or dance, make your movements larger.

Do something different

If you walk every day but don’t get any other kind of exercise, you probably have great calf muscles, but weak arms. A couple of times a week, instead of taking your usual walk, try some exercise that involves using your arms. Go swimming, play tennis or handball.

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Quitting Smoking and Weight Gain

Smoke Free 8 days!

Today I would like to talk about weight gain since I quit smoking November 19, 2007 and relapsed, (had 7 cigs) New Years Day. My total weight gain in seven weeks has been a ton! When I quit smoking I weighed 142 lbs. I am 5’8″ so that wasn’t too bad. I still wore a size 8 or 10, mostly because of my belly. Menopause changes a body. I have been very lucky, up until I was 48 years old, I have been a size 8, never had to diet or exercise. So I have been very spoiled all my life. Now the bad news…I weigh 158 lbs. Ugggh! I can hardly look at that number. I have gained 16 lbs, a little over 2 lbs. a week. I have joined a gym but, with the holidays, have not been able to go regularly. I love walking Sonny but, the cold weather has slowed that down. At work I do nothing but sit at my desk all day. It’s not like I am chained to it, I could get up and run up and down five flights of stairs if I wanted to but, who would really WANT to do that? Okay, enough of the BUTS! Enough of the I CAN”T MAKE TIME! Enough of the EXCUSES! It’s time to get off my arse and get moving!

My eating habits have always been pretty good:

a.) Never eat after 7:00 p.m.
b.) Always leave the last bite on the plate, (or give it to Sonny).
c.) Control my portions by thinking of the size of the palm of hand and not put more than that.

The down side of my eating has been getting enough fruits and vegetables. I have changed that since I quit smoking, now I have at least two fruits a day. I have also added Lifesaver Mints, Pretzels, Werthers, and Peppermints to my diet also. The food, (if you want to call it that), that I have added, has helped me with the “habit” of reaching for something to put in my mouth. So far it has been working and highly recommend all of them.

Bottom line on weight gain. I read once that a person that quits smoking would have to gain 100 lbs. to do the same damage to their body that smoking does. Well, 16 lbs is nothing and I can lose that, but right now I am not going to “diet”, or freak out about it. I am going to the Goodwill and buying size 12 pants/jeans for $3.00 and will wear those until this passes. Then I will “re-gift” them to Goodwill for the next lady that needs a larger size, (not that a 12 is all that large by any means), while she is quitting smoking. Another bonus about weight gain, you should return to your pre-quitting weight by 6 months to 1 year after quitting.

So, I am going to hang in there and keep plugging along one day at a time, and ask my Higher Power to keep me smoke free today, and thank Him tonight for the Grace He gave me so I would not smoke. For that I am truly grateful.


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