Huckabee’s Letter To John McCain

Time for a Debate! Go Mike Huckabee!

This is Mike Huckabee’s letter to John McCain asking for a debate before the March 4th primary. If you support the idea of having a debate before then, just click here and leave your comment. 

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Huckabee the future of the Republican Party

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Huckabee Eyes Deadlocked Convention:

On ABC News they have this story about the voters depriving McCain of the republican nod by voting for Huckabee in Texas and Ohio. If that happens, the convention delegates would be making the decision. Miracles do happen!

Huckabee Eyes Deadlocked Convention

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Conservative Icon Paul Weyrich Endorses Huckabee

NOTE: Weyrich previously had backed Mitt Romney.


From the Huckabee campaign:

Conservative Icon Paul Weyrich Endorses Huckabee

I believe that the voters in this Republican nomination contest—here in Virginia and across the country—deserve a real choice. And Governor Huckabee is clearly the conservative alternative. He is the best choice, and he is my choice. So I am voting for him on Tuesday, here in Virginia.

I don’t buy the idea that John McCain is a true conservative. Nor do I buy the idea that Mike Huckabee should get out of this contest. The people in the Potomac area—Virginia, Maryland, and the District of Columbia. In addition, we have many important states coming up, including my home state of Wisconsin. Folks in all those states deserve a choice a real choice.

I had been a supporter of Mitt Romney, but now I am very glad that Governor Huckabee has decided to stay in the race. I appreciate that he is staying in, just as I appreciate that Governor Huckabee and Senator McCain are not going at each other’s throats—a vigorous debate about important issues is the healthiest thing possible for the Republican Party.

Governor Huckabee has articulated some very clear differences with Senator McCain: on immigration, on McCain Feingold, and also on the McCain Lieberman global warming scheme. Mike Huckabee is much more solid on the social issues, including right to life. Yes, Senator McCain says that he has a right to life record, but he can’t be supportive of embryonic stem cell research and have a clear right to life record, because the right to lifers, including me, want to protect all life, from conception of natural death.

Governor Huckabee is also good on marriage, insisting that it be limited to one man and one woman. Unfortunately, Senator McCain refused to vote for the marriage amendment.

These are important differences.

By voting for Governor Huckabee, people will be telling Senator McCain and the Republican Party establishment that they better accommodate these conservatives and their heartfelt beliefs, or else they the GOP will not be able to win the general election this November. Like Governor Huckabee, I have great respect for Senator McCain, but he and his Republican Party backers have to make sure that they accommodate the base of the Republican Party.

If they don’t, Senator McCain may find that the conservative grassroots won’t turn out to vote this November. I know my fellow conservatives. I have been active in the conservative movement since 1960. I was an early supporter of Barry Goldwater, and I was a delegate for Ronald Reagan in 1976 and 1980. And so I remind all the Washington DC-oriented political strategists that outside-the-beltway conservatives don’t have to vote for every candidate if they don’t want to. They can stay home, or they can skip over some candidates. That is a very real possibility this year. I have had hundreds of people that have contacted me, telling me, “I can’t vote for McCain.” I hope that Senator McCain will accommodate those people, for the sake of the conservative movement, as well as the Republican Party. But to repeat: I am voting for Governor Huckabee.

The Republican Party must reach out to social conservatives, like me, and so Mike Huckabee is solid. But Mike Huckabee also appeals to working people. The Republican Party by and large ignores the concerns of these people, especially when they are hurting. Governor Huckabee is the only candidate who has consistently reached out, during this campaign, to those who are hurting. It’s great for the GOP hierarchy to say that the fundamentals of the economy are sound. But it’s even more important to concentrate on real people, and to look for sound conservative solutions. Mike Huckabee is one of them by his own background, and so naturally he listens to them. By voting for him, millions of ordinary Americans will make their voice heard, loud and clear.

I call upon all my fellow conservatives to get out and support Governor Huckabee. A big vote for him is the best way to send a message to Senator McCain and the Republican Establishment that this is an election, not a coronation.


Paul Weyrich is the Chairman and CEO of the Free Congress Foundation. The opinions expressed here are his own.


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Washington Caucus Results-Just Weird

Washington Caucus Results-Just Weird

This is from TPM:

“As you know, John McCain lost two of the three contests yesterday. He was losing narrowly in Washington state and then pulled ahead by a narrow margin (less than two points) toward the end. But then with 87% of the returns counted, the Washington state GOP, which runs the caucuses stopped releasing results. That left us and a lot of other news organizations in a bit of a quandary last night since it looked like McCain was going to pull it off. But as late as 1:30 AM on the east coast promised new results kept failing to materialize.

Then over night the Washington state GOP put out a press release announcing McCain the winner based on the 87% returns. Now, I think it would be borderline for a media organization to declare one candidate a winner when the margin separating first and second was 1.8% with 13% of the results still uncounted. But for the officials holding the election to declare the result on that basis is simply bizarre. But that’s what they did.

The release says final results are not expected to be available until Monday.”


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Huckabee Wins Kansas

Huckabee Wins Kansas!

Huckabee Wins Kansas

Watching all the media talk about why Mike Huckabee won Kansas is like watching aliens from another planet. They are justifying the win by saying that Kansas has a strong evangelical Christian base, the same thing they said about the states he won in the south. Is Kansas now considered a southern state?

The media is saying Mike’s motives for staying in the race is personal against Mitt Romney, that Huckabee wants to get more delegates than Romney had. Give me a break! I don’t really think Mike Huckabee cares that much about Romney or has a grudge against him.

Also, is he just staying in so he can be chose as Vice-President? Hello people! Wake up and smell the insanity. Mike Huckabee is running for President. He is a viable candidate because of how he stands on the issues that conservative republicans are concerned about. He won the Kansas Caucus because Kansans are worried about more than just the war in Iraq. Kansas want a president that has the sanctity of the family, life, and freedom as priorities for this great country.

Let it go Clinton News Network. Huckabee won in Kansas because he is the best choice for conservative republicans. Not McCain.


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Huckabee in Wichita, KS 2/8/2008