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Tips for Getting Your Own Dot Com

Tips for Getting Your Own Dot Com

Are you ready to move on from just blogging to having your own website? Do you want more control over what your pages look like and are you thinking about adding some “cool gadgets” that you just can’t do with a blog? Then you might be ready to have your own dot com, (or domain name).

I am anxiously waiting for my new dot com to be up and running. I have taken all the necessary steps to arrive at this day. It has been a lot more stressful than I really bargained for. Not that I am technically challenged, I am not. Information Technology has been my full time job for ten years now. Starting at the help-desk, moving up to webmaster, and now in multimedia, setting up a dot com should not be a big deal for me.
Let me explain. First, you have to think of a domain name. Sounds simple enough until you actually start learning about how to choose the “best” name. Then you have to buy that name and then you have to find some one to “host” your site. Confused?

This is the first of a series of tips to help you, (the simple blogger), learn the ins and outs of setting up your own website. Follow along as I set up mine so you will know what to expect!

  • It has to be short and sweet. Well, BoomerLady’sBabbling is not short, it has an apostrophe, and not something that people will remember or that rolls off the tongue easily. You shouldn’t have to spell any part of it when you give it to someone.
  • A domain name needs to convey what your website is all about. Okay, again BLBabbling doesn’t exactly say what it is I am pitching to people. Back to the drawing board again.
  • Once you do pick a name, for instance, a single word that your site is about, i.e. technology, dogs, pizza, then how do you make it catchy and memorable?
  • This is the hard part. You can add a prefix or a suffix to your word. DailyBlogTips has a list of 200 for you to choose from and I must say it is a lifesaver.
  • After all that work, you have to make sure no one else has that name already. I recommend and DomainsBot. DomainsBot will recommend available names from what you type in. Definitely check these out.
  • Of course you can buy a .com, .net., .tv, .info, .org. So if the name you want isn’t available in a .com, you could buy a .net or another extension for your web.
  • When you finally, (it took me about five days to get to this point), have your domain name you need to purchase it. That’s right. It’s simple enough and you renew every year.
  • Just when you think you’ve got it made, you picked your name and bought your domain, you find out you have to have someone to host your website. That’s right, you need a “host”. All of this is pretty reasonable. There are bargains all over the internet, some offer free domain names when you join with them. Just be careful and pick a reputable host, (I’ll right more on this later.)
  • Also, when picking a host make sure you get enough storage space. If you are going to have a site with a lot of video and photos, make sure you have at least 100 GB of storage.That’s it for now. I have done all of the above and now I am waiting. Just waiting for my host to get my domain up and running. After that, the fun begins. I will love having the freedom to pick my colors and headings, etc. More about this in my next post. The waiting is the hard part and I am not a very patient person. I want my web and I want it NOW!
  • Impatient

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