Video: Olympics 2008 Opening Ceremony: Two Men

Video of part of the Olympics 2008 Opening Ceremony.


American Idol-The David & David Show!

American Idol-The David & David Show!

Here we go!! It was definitely interesting last night but, by far David Archuletta and David Cook stole the show. Jason Castro was also good but paled in comparison to the Davids.
David Cook-American Idol
Hey girls, Carly, Brooke, Kristy & Syesha! Time to step it up or step out. Kristy did surprisingly well and Syesha hit it again. Brooke didn’t have a prayer, she doesn’t have the lungs to do Mariah, and Carly looks and sounds the same on every song. She needs to quit singing so ‘angry’ and lighten it up a bit. Maybe she could smile in one of her songs or do a silly happy song like Jason does. Who knows.

Okay, time for the bottom three:

Carly Smithson
Brooke White (is who it should be, but it probably will be Syesha)
Jason Castro (He could go home tonight)

Well, that’s my choices. What do you think? Who will be leaving Idol tonight? Leave me a comment and let me know your thoughts.

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Baby Boomers Refuse to Age Gracefully

American Idol-Ramiele is Bye-Bye

American Idol-Ramiele is Bye-Bye

Last night little Ramiele Malubay is bid farewell from American Idol. Kristy Lee Cook makes it again. Well, I wasn’t surprised and I hope next week Kristy will be gone.

Today I am posting another video by David Archuletta and one by Syesha. Enjoy!

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American Idol-They are all Improving

American Idol-They are all Improving

Dolly Parton joined the show and I thought she was very honest in her appraisal of each contestant. Last nights performances were phenomenal despite what Simon had to say. Even Kristy Lee Cook made it through and entire song without singing a single flat note. Poor Paula was struggling though. I though for a moment she was going to fall out of her chair! Anyway, on to the highlights of last nights show.

  • David Cook was good once again. Not great but good enough.
  • Brooke White wasn’t too bad. I almost liked it.
  • Carly Smithson was excellent as usual and like Dolly Parton said, that song was made for a voice like Carly’s.
  • David Archuletta (see video below) – what can I say? He was outstanding. His performance was very professional and he kept his cool. Maybe he is maturing.
  • Jason Castro was cute as usual and the song suited him.
  • Michael Johns was unbelievable. He really impressed me with his vocals.
  • Kristy Lee Cook as I said survived another song.
  • Ramielle Malubay was just okay. I hate to say it but she just doesn’t have the voice to make it.
  • Syesha Mercado was superb with her own version of “I Will Always Love You.”

So, who will be leaving tonight? It will be one of the following three:

  1. Ramielle Malubay
  2. Kristy Lee Cook
  3. Jason Castro

Kristy should go tonight, but I have been saying that for about three weeks now so we will have to wait and see! Who do you think should go tonight?

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American Idol-Who Will Be Eliminated?

American Idol-Who Will Be Eliminated?

Last night was pretty good overall. I saw some big improvements in some of the girls. Syesha Mercado – She did so much better this week. I think she should get the most improved. Michael Johns– He surprised me with his Queen songs. He did pretty well. Kristy Lee Cook – She sang “God Bless the USA”. Ugggh! It was better than her usual but still off key. My favorite David Cook-sang “Billie Jean” I couldn’t believe it. He has the most talent composing music and making it his own. His voice is outstanding once again. Even Simon said, “…it was amazing”. David Archuletta -I wish he would pick better songs. He has a great voice and its a shame that he can show it off with better song choices. Rumor has it the “Mom” chooses his songs. Stay out of it Mom! Let him go on his own.! Watch the video of David Archuletta singing, “Your the Voice” in the Top Ten last night is below!

So, who is safe this week, who will be eliminated, and who do you think will win this whole deal? Leave your comments below and let me know what you think!

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American Idol-No More Beatles

More John Lennon and Paul McCartney songs? Ughhhh! That was horrible last night. Once again Brooke sucked at least this time somebody noticed. David Cook, we could have done without the voice box but, he is a rocker through and through. Did he fall down or something? Kristy MUST GO! Actually, it’s hard to pick just one to go tonight. How about I pick just two to stay?

Okay, Carly and David Cook! There you have it. These are the only genuine, consistent, week after week, talent. What do you think?

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