Four new anti-smoking strategies

Smoke Free 11 Days!

I am back among the living. They only pulled four teeth this time. I go back January 31st for the rest of the uppers. If you are not sure what I am babbling about now, check out my previous post, Gum Disease & Smoking, It’s so Glamorous.

Today I am feeling almost normal! Tylenol has been working great and it was definitely NOT FUN. Yesterday I felt like I had been kicked in the jaws by a horse.


  • Short bursts of activity can help quell cravings
  • Online groups offer encouragement anytime you need it
  • New medication works on the brain’s pleasure center
  • Some are using the patch (under doctor care) just before quitting

Now, CNN had this story, (above), in their Health section. They are calling these “New” but, for those of us in the trenches of quitting smoking and trying to kick the nicotine addiction, there is nothing “new” here. I thought for any newbies that are just learning about some anti-smoking strategies, these would be a big help.

The story does mention Chantix, and,

Both are excellent suggestions in my opinion. The only scary thing is the part about “smoking while on the patch.” I would not recommend doing that, without talking to your “well educated on quit smoking aides” Doctor.


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