Kansas Field

Kansas Field

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I just wanted to share a beautiful Summer day.

Mountain Lion Shot in Kansas

Kansas City Star Link to story

I knew it! I am so excited. After 100 years and thousands of recent sightings the Kansas Department of Wildlife confirms that a wild Mountain Lion was in Kansas. This thing was HUGE! I am just so glad that now when people say they have seen a mountain lion in Kansas, they will believe them. This is just so awesome. I was hoping this would happen in my lifetime, actually I was hoping it would be me to confirm it with a photograph but actually having the pelt is even better. Oh well, maybe I’ll have a picture of the second confirmed wild mountain lion in Kansas.

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Huckabee in Wichita, KS 2/8/2008

Mini Jayhawk in Orange Bowl

I stumbled upon this mini hawk while eating an orange and wearing my Kansas Jayhawks T-Shirt!! GO HAWKS!