The Silver Lining after the Election

This was in my inbox this morning:

Subject: The Silver Lining -7 Reasons Not to Kill Yourself

While the election results admittedly make it difficult, I am generally an optimist, and I’m not changing my stripes now. So here’s what I feel good about right now:

· The constructionists on the Supreme Court should be able to hold out another four years before they retire. We wish them the best of health.

· We won’t have to spend four years defending John McCain. Let’s face it, he was a crummy candidate who wilted on most issues important to conservatives. It would have been four painful years followed by a lay-up election for…Obama or Hillary.

· With the economy in the tank, Obama may have somewhat limited flexibility. His plans to turn us into Finland may have to wait.

· Jimmy Carter was a painful experience, but he gave us (cue heavenly choir music) Ronald Reagan. Will Obama give us a Bobby Jindal? Tim Pawlenty? Rudy? We have a deep bench. Start thinking ahead now.

· Since the Democrats control both houses and the White House, there will be no one else to blame when they screw up, which is as inevitable as the sun rising tomorrow. While they will try to pin any problems on George Bush for at least the next millennia, the people will know better.

· The media has now officially been “outed” as in the tank for the Democrat Party. Even liberals know it. MSM credibility has never been so low.

· The New York Times was just demoted to junk bond status by the ratings agencies.

Finally, let’s be happy that it’s finally just over. This has been the longest election season ever and I – a political junkie – have never been so sick of politics.So, cheer up. It’s not all bad. Pass it along to any  of our depressed fellow travelers.

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